[Scribus] Thoughts on footnotes

avox avox
Sun May 13 16:59:00 CEST 2007

Gregory Pittman wrote:
> It would be nice if it can be figured out how to make footnotes feasible
> in the context of other operations in Scribus.
> Perhaps what could work would be as a variation on tables (once this
> gets straightened out).

I'd rather not mix those two mechanisms.

> For example, imagine footnote creation leading to a simple table, where
> there is a number of rows but only a single column, with each cell
> containing one footnote. Generated in this fashion, it could quite
> automatically become an endnote.
> For footnotes, there would also need to be some sort of slice-and-dice
> mechanism, so that individual or groups of cells could be split off the
> original endnote table, then placed on each page.

I can't see where the footnote mark comes into play.

> As an offshoot of this, one might also think of this kind of table
> structure underneath functioning like tables in a database. In fact this
> could lead to an import-export capability for Scribus to interact with
> oocalc, Postgresql, and MySql (and there already are Python hooks in
> these). So in a sense, footnotes merely represent a specialized database
> table.

Usually footnotes are created along with the main text, not as a separate

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