[Scribus] Heads up: We're looking at moving to Subversion

Craig Ringer craig
Sat May 12 02:37:59 CEST 2007


For all of you who track CVS, I'm writing to let you know that we're
planning on moving to Subversion fairly soon. This should mean faster
updates and checkouts for basic anonymous svn users. For those of you
doing development work from anonsvn, you'll get MUCH faster diffs and
reverts, a status command that's actually useful, and lots more.

Now is a good time to grab a subversion client so you're ready to go
when we make the switch.

Migration instructions will be posted once anonymous svn is available.
The migration is very quick and simple for anonymous access, though it
WILL require a full new checkout. The only big difference is how you
check out different branches, as will be explained in detail soon.

Anonymous CVS will be shut down when the svn switch is made. It's just
not practical to try to keep them in sync, and moving to svn is easy
enough that it won't be too much fuss.

In terms of client selection, the command line client is always a good
choice, especially on *nix. Most anonsvn users will be happy using this,
since it's basically like the cvs command line client but faster, better
behaved, and with a cleaned up interface.

KdeSVN seems to be the most popular GUI client for *nix. Windows users
tend to use TortoiseSVN, and Mac users seem to go for the command line
client or SvnX .

A list of clients is available at:


for your downloading pleasure.

Craig Ringer

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