[Scribus] barcode (Owen Cook)(heathenx)(Gregory Pittman)

heathenx heathenx
Wed May 9 16:30:20 CEST 2007

Fritz Eichelhardt wrote the following on 5/9/2007 9:50 AM:
> hi,
> i wrote:
>> barcode, produced by the (linux-)program "barcode" is readable.
>> the bar saved as  *.png is not readable anymore.
> Owen Cook wrote:
>> Which version of Scribus?
> linux-version
>> Not readable in what program?
> not readable by barcode-scanner - any program
> heathenx wrote:
>> not familiar with barcode but kbarcode allows for a few different graphic
>> types. perhaps eps or tga  
>> would give you better resolution. have you tired these too?
> oops, i meant kbarcode.
> in kbarcode i can activate eps or tga, but it's not possible to save 
> (error-message: wrong format).
> Gregory Pittman wrote:
>> Have you tried the barcode generator in Scribus?
>> Extras > Barcode Generator
> how it seems, there is no barcode generator in the version mentioned above.
> in the meantime i've tried windows-version
> the barcode generator says: barcode not complete.
> i'm sure it is, however.
> i'd be glad, if you would offer more help.

ok, i just upgraded from to all one needs to do is go to Extras>Barcode Generator 
and voila! instant barcode. it prints very well, btw.

does this help?


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