[Scribus] Text Boxes

Roger hovergo
Wed May 9 10:18:32 CEST 2007

I've been trying to do something (anything) with Scribus to see how (and if)
it'll be of use in
preparing a 6-page newsletter for publication. Every way I've tried to import
text into a text
block results in a block full of empty, letter-sized square symbols -- no text
at all.\

I'm assuming that it may have something to do with specifying the text
translation code used
to import the text, but haven't been able to do anything to correct it.

Does anybody have advice to offer?
I do 2 newsletters, one of 8 x a4 pages which becomes 2 x a3 sheets when printed
and one of 4-6 x a4 pages which becomes 1 x a3 and a number of a4 pages.
Scribus is a very good tool for my purpose, far surpassing other  software.
I find that plain text files should have a .txt extension on the name or the
contents don't go into the boxes. Alternatively you can insert Openoffice pages
if you wish, however, I prefer not to do this. I create everything in Scribus
from plain text.

I prepare text in a plain text editor, Linux I use gedit or vim, windows would
use notepad or something like that. Save the files in a folder as filename.txt
save the headings and other separate text inserts as name.txt. then in Scribus
insert text boxes and in <Properties> <Get Text> find the folder and text file
and it inserts the plain text. drag the corners of the text box to show all the
text, make it into columns if you wish and do the formatting in the <Properties>

If the font used in your file is not in Scribus then the text wont show up.
Stick to plain Bitstream, Arial, Helvetic, Garamond, those type of fonts then
change to the font you wish to use in the <Properties> dialog.


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