[Scribus] How works ctrl+return? Multiple Master-Pages?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon May 7 17:55:37 CEST 2007

mamem at gmx.net wrote:
> Bonjour Gregory,
> Thanks for the answer. So one masterpage applied at a time...
> I try to solve the folowing problem:
> I would like to insert a textframe in every page, who has different
> masterpages applied (chapters, title, index etc). This textframe
> should be strictly the same, BUT should also be able to be modified
> quite fast. (I want to creat different pdf versions, with every time
> another content in this one textframe for every pdf-file).
> I tried to insert this textfile on every masterpage used in the
> document (there are like 20 masterpages), but I have to change the
> text on every masterpage manually for every pdf-version.
> So, is there perhaps any possibility to "play" with javascript? Is
> there anywhere any info about how to insert javascript in scribus/pdf?
I'm not so familiar with javascript and PDF forms. Do you know any Python?

A couple of things to look at:


Inside this script is the logic to access and read files from a
directory, for images in this case, but with modification could be


This will take text, in this case parsed from a single textfile, but
could come from separate text files, then automatically create text
boxes. You might create the frames with content, then incorporate into
Master pages, or just have the textframes applied outside of Master pages.

So, the question would be whether this would end up being easier than
manually changing Master pages.

I don't find anything in the Scripter API that will allow creation or
modification of Master pages. For now the Scripter API is fixed (ie,
will not be extended) until a whole new Scripter API is written for
Scribus versions 1.3.4+.


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