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andreas.karlsson at ltv.se andreas.karlsson
Mon May 7 14:59:28 CEST 2007


First, regarding using Scribus on Windows: I am using it on windows vista
and have not experienced any problems. It works flawlessly. So it is
definitely no problems using it on Windows.

Secondly, regarding using Scribus for publishing a book: Scribus is good
for publishing a newspaper or a magazine, with lots of different shorter
and lengthier texts as well as images and other graphics.

If you are writing a book you probably do not need most of Scribus
features, and probably need some features that Scribus lacks. Use a
document processor such as LyX (http://www.lyx.org/) instead.

Med v?nliga h?lsningar / Best regards
Andreas Karlsson

clare at clarekitson.co.uk @ INTERNET skrev 2007-05-07 14:37:18 :

> I wonder if someone can advise me.
> I'm a total beginner with DTP, and I was hoping to download Scribus
> in the hope of, eventually, publishing a book.
> But, although Wikipedia lists books among Scribus's uses, the
> Scribus website doesn't.  What would be the problems if I did try to
> use it for a book?
> And, secondly, is the version for Windows actually usable?  In the
> notes I found for 'Before Downloading' I noticed the paragraph:
> This is beta software which is undergoing many code changes daily.
> While it is fairly stable and usable, caution is advised.  It is not
> recommended yet for production use.  The underlying file format is
> undergoing rapid changes and will not be finished until the 1.3.4 or
> 1.3.5 version is released.
> Does anyone know when that will be?  Is it worth my downloading it
> or should I forget it?
> Many thanks.
> Clare
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