[Scribus] question concernant césure

mamem at gmx.net mamem
Sun May 6 23:39:49 CEST 2007


Oh I'm so silly. I just figured out how it works!

I just select the frame and then click "extra" - "effectuer la
c?sure", and the frame will applicate the hypenation!!! And while I
unchecked the asking option, scribus will not ask!
(btw, I insalled meanwhile...)

Thanks for hints,
Martin Kempf

Le dimanche 6 mai 2007 ? 23:30:16, vous ?criviez :

j> Am 06.05.2007 um 23:19 schrieb mamem at gmx.net:

>> Bonjour,
>> Thanks for the answers.
>> So when I understand well, I just have to reopen the document tu
>> hyphenate the text? I tried, this doesn't work...
>> How can I hyphenate an existing text in an existing document, without
>> verify word by word?
>> Martin Kempf

j> Hi Martin - I cannot test this, but one thing you could give a try is
j> to export, and
j> reimport the text, might help - or not ...
j> Jon

>> Le dimanche 6 mai 2007 ? 09:58:00, vous ?criviez :
>> MC> mamem at gmx.net wrote:
>>>> Bonjour Louis,
>>>> I already unchecked that option, but he doesn't "hyphenate" at  
>>>> all when
>>>> I do not verify every word one by one, do I understand that right? I
>>>> thought that it would be done "automatically" somehow... with  
>>>> something
>>>> like a build-in dictionnary who tells woh to cut the words (in  
>>>> fact, the
>>>> proposals of hyphenation comes from somewhere...)
>> MC> In the hyphenator preferences, there is a button for automatic
>> MC> hyphenation while you type, and there is a menu for choosing the
>> MC> language. But I think the hyphenation preferences work only for
>> MC> documents that you open *after* you have changed the  
>> preferences, not
>> MC> for the currently active document.

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