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>>> That is physically impossible. In a laser printer a dot is either on
>>> or off, you cannot vary the intensity.
>> It is conceivable to me that dots of different sizes could be
>> printed. My recollection is that that is what HP does, but I don't
>> have the manual handy. Since a printed dot is not the same as a
>> particle of toner, there could be lots of ways of changing the number
>> of toner particles in a dot, hence its intensity.
>> There is no reason in principle why the same trick could not be done
>> with color, though, again, I don't know if anyone does it.
> Refocusing the laser beam does not vary the intensity of the dot, only
> its size. The dot is either there or it is not there. There is no in
> between intensity. A laser printer works by magnetizing the image drum,
> then rolling that drum through a vat of toner, causing the toner to
> stick to the magnetized portions of the drum. The paper is then brought
> over the drum, moving the toner off of the drum to the paper, which
> then goes through a baking process to melt the toner into the paper.
> Color lasers do this one color at a time. there is no mixing of colors
> within a dot.
I have just one complaint with that description, and that is a laser 
beam produces static on the drum, which then picks up the toner 
particles, thats why most toner drums are coated in a kind of plastic 
(eg non conducting) and not a metal which could be magnetized.

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