[Scribus] Image resolution

Craig Ringer craig
Wed May 2 05:31:18 CEST 2007

william f. maddock wrote:

> That is physically impossible. In a laser printer a dot is either on or
> off, you cannot vary the intensity. There is no way they can get full
> color range from one dot. The manual might claim that but it is not
> possible. Either you misread or (surprise, surprise) HP is lying.

They might vary dot size to change perceived intensity (just like most
inkjets do now) but that's about it, yeah. One could as a variation on
that concept compose a big dot of a bunch of halftoned little dots,
though I don't know why you'd bother. In any case, you're never really
varying the intensity.

AFAIK the only reasonably common print processes that does mixed or true
variable intensity colour is dye sublimation printing - and I'm not even
100% certain about that one.

Craig Ringer

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