[Scribus] Image resolution

Craig Ringer craig
Tue May 1 11:54:35 CEST 2007

ols6000 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> At 06:13 PM 4/30/2007, you wrote:
>> is this a self publish job or one by a commercial printer?
> The former. However, on jobs where I have used a commercial printer, 
> I used 600 dpi and got noticeably better results than 300 dpi (for B/W).

Indeed. It all depends on the output device, the inks, and the stock.
High quality printing for art catalogues/magazines etc can easily
benefit from 1200dpi or higher artwork.

At the newspaper I work at we require 200dpi images from clients, since
anything lower begins to look blocky or pixellated. It's an 85lpi
process litho web press with very high quality halftoning done by the
RIP/CTP system. I've noticed significant improvements up to at least
300dpi. On rare occasions where the client has told us to print it
anyway, they don't care how it looks, we've run images as low as 120dpi,
and they look GHASTLY.

In short, I strongly agree that you need images of a resolution well
matched to the output device. What this means is that Scribus isn't
really all that good for image-heavy high-res printing.

Craig Ringer

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