[Scribus] A problem with the aqua app.

jon info
Sat Mar 31 20:07:37 CEST 2007

There should be 2 "quit" menu items one is in the first one in the  
second app submenu.
Only one will quit the application, forgive me - I forgot wich one -  
but it may be obviuos.

Am 31.03.2007 um 19:14 schrieb Michael Havlicek:

> Hello,
> I have just downloaded the scribus app. aqua
> for power Mac.
> I am still running Panther on Mac.
> Everything went Ok when I launched Scribus.
> The only problem: Scribus don't quit.
> When I chose quit from the menu, scribus don't quit.
> I thought that it was corrupt preferences file so
> I trashed them: it didn't help.
> Every time I launch Scribus I can't quit the application.
> Any help would be appreciated.

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