[Scribus] PDF generated from Scribus doesn't print right

Gustavo Homem gustavo
Wed Mar 28 02:57:24 CEST 2007

> > Thanks for the general advice but I think this is a bug. Don't you agree?
> >
> > Now, whose bug is this?
> Well, you've convinced me that it's an intriguing problem :-)

Finally :-)

> Ok, off my head I see several possibilities:
> * double scaling as I said before. Different rasterizes use different
> algorithms to interpolate data when scaling bitmaps. It could be that
> Acrobat does a better job at that than your printer driver (ghostscript?).
> * genuine bug in the printer driver

I don't think it is the printer driver, since this was tested on two different 

> * problems with jpg compression
> I'd say it's well worth to investigate this, even if all what comes out is
> a new warning for Scribus's preflighter.

I opened this bug report


to track it.

Best regards

> /Andreas

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