[Scribus] Scribus Digest, Vol 49, Issue 68

avox avox
Wed Mar 28 02:40:46 CEST 2007

James Gilmore wrote:
>  I really wasn't concerned so much with the internal representation of the
> style; to the user
> the style is what's in the GUI, not an XML stylesheet to be edited by
> hand.
> To the average home user, but likely not for a professional environment.
>> Do you mean the transformation SLA->FO? I don't think this is possible
>> because you can do much more in Scribus than in FO.
> And what about xml schema?
> The latest incarnation of Docbook (which should be the target of any
> scribus
> end-to-end printing solution, IMHO) doesn't use xslt or FO. It uses xml
> schema, for just that reason: FO isn't as capable. There are methods in
> place already to update an older docbook to the new format, but it's
> difficult to go in the opposite direction, for the same reason.  That xslt
> is widely adopted is not a sufficient reason to implement it, because it's
> pretty much a guarantee that it will be gone in a few years. Or rather, I
> should say much less popular than using xml schema.

I've difficulties following that argument.
XML is a general technique for self-describing structured data.
To describe this structure, several techniques have emerged: DTD, XML
schema, Relax NG.
A given structure is also called an application of XML. Examples for XML
applications are:
- DocBook, used for highlevel structuring
- FO, used for lowlevel text layout

XSLT has a double role: it's also an XML application, but it describes
programs (or transformations)
which convert one XML document into another XML document. The source and
target document
do not need to have the same structure, eg. one can define an XSLT
transformation which transforms
from DocBook to FO. IIRC the target format doesnt even have to be XML.

As far as I know XML schema is not capable of transforming documents, so the
uses of XML schema and XSLT
are clearly distinct. Did I miss anything?


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