[Scribus] Adaptable layout templates

Timo Stollenwerk timo
Mon Mar 26 20:38:54 CEST 2007

Hi Ludwig,

Ludwig M. Solzen schrieb:
> The more difficult part is of course to
> display the FOP output within the Scribus GUI environment, so that the user
> could refine the automated output manually.

That's a question I've also asked myself. This would require a XSLT
Stylesheet FO->SLA. Did you ever compared the Scribus file format with
FO in detail?

> In a later stage, it would be great if Scribus could actually export xslt
> stylesheets.

Do you mean the transformation SLA->FO? I don't think this is possible
because you can do much more in Scribus than in FO.

> In any case, I would strongly recommend to use xsl and xsl-fo
> syntax/vocabulary to define the templates.

As I wrote before, there are approaches to define adaptive layouts in
fo. So you wouldn't have to start from the scratch if you can adapt
something from fo.


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