[Scribus] Adaptable layout templates

Timo Stollenwerk timo
Mon Mar 26 20:28:45 CEST 2007

Hi Michael,

Michael Koren schrieb:
> Is this adaptable layout template idea still part of the current SoC
> proposal for this project? If so, how will it be accomplished? It seems Timo
> is talking about managing it through the CMS and scripting, whereas Ludwig
> mentions making them in Scribus.

I think the implementation of adaptive Layouts is beyond the scope of my
SoC Proposal. For my diploma thesis I've read some scientific papers
about adaptive layout techniques (if you are interested, I can send them
to you) and I think this is no trivial task. As far as I know the
development of adaptive layout is still a field of scientific research.
Nevertheless there are existing prototypes.

If the content comes out of a CMS it would be great to have some kind of
adaptive layout so you don't have to shape your content so that it fits
into your layout.

How do you plan to implement the creation of such layouts in Scribus?
(All prototypes I know use XSL-FO). How do you plan to describe adaptive
content elements?


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