[Scribus] Adaptable layout templates

Michael Koren kung42o
Mon Mar 26 18:50:31 CEST 2007

Timo Stollenwerk wrote:
> The CMS should also be able to generate layout
> templates that are able to adapt to different content elements and sizes
> (and not just provide fixed copy holes for the content).
> Until now I've played around a bit with the generation of .sla files out
> of a cms and layout generation with the scribus python API.

Ludwig M. Solzen wrote:
> ...The formal representation of the content (its display) depends
> from the context and purpose: within a browser client it is defined
> through
> a CSS, while in print the content has to be layed-out through a
> print-specific lay-out template. This is where Scribus comes in.
> Ideally, the user designs contentless templates in Scribus.
> ...
> When the user needs to do a true lay-out job, i.e. have a print-ready
> document being generated, he simply selects a template he or someone else
> made earlier on, applies the content by selecting a source path, and
> Scribus
> would flow the content into the template by formatting the content
> elements
> according to the layout specifications of the Scribus template. This is
> but
> a matter of having a 1:1 relation of layout tags (paragraph, character and
> object styles) to content tags, both xml.

Hi guys,

Is this adaptable layout template idea still part of the current SoC
proposal for this project? If so, how will it be accomplished? It seems Timo
is talking about managing it through the CMS and scripting, whereas Ludwig
mentions making them in Scribus.

I think it would be great to have this capability supported natively by
Scribus, so it can be used by an individual user who doesn't need a full CMS
(i.e., applying templates to local content files). Is anyone currently
planning this, because if not it is along the lines of my project proposal I
submitted yesterday. I would be adding substantial templating capabilities
to the scribus core (via a self-contained library) that would then be
available for both single users and a CMS to use. The templates could
describe (eventually) both textual formatting and layout of frames on the


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