[Scribus] Importing HTML + Images

Shane Graber sgraber
Fri Mar 23 18:28:43 CET 2007

Hello, I'm new to Scribus and I'm trying to understand how Scribus
imports data from other formats.  What I'd like to be able to do is to
import XHTML into Scribus along with any relative linked images.  So
far I see it's pretty straight forward to import HTML but the relative
linked images don't come along with the text.  Is there a way to bring
the images in along with the text?

If that's not an option with HTML import, is there a file format in
which one can bring in images along with the text and if so is there a
link to how this is done?  I've googled and read the docs for an hour
or two now and I'm coming up empty handed.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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