[Scribus] dumping large document to Scribus ?

Plinnell mrdocs
Mon Mar 19 20:08:30 CET 2007

On Monday 19 March 2007, stu seven wrote:
> +    Seems I've seen this question discussed here...
> can't recall how it was answered... and, at the time I
> couldn't think of a reason not to be typing out pages
> separately(!).
>      What I have now is a fifteen page document, and
> I need to dump the whole thing to Scribus to get
> fifteen editable pages... however, I dont see a way to
> accomplish this.
>      Is Scribus limited to one-page-at-a-time editing ?
> If so, I will not complain... I hate word-processing apps
> that move everything across pages when you edit a title
> on page 1... ruins the whole document... so... while it
> wouldn't be perfect, it -would- be very useful if we could
> drop the entire document at one time into Scribus, and
> have it paginate.  Maybe I'm missing this feature
> somewhere... can it already be done ?
> thanks
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Real easy:

New doc > check 'Automatic Text Frames'

Add 15 pages: Page > Insert

Select 1st page text frame > Get Text

It will autoflow into each page.


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