[Scribus] OT: Typing IPA characters

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Mar 19 05:34:14 CET 2007

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Mar 2007 17:50:08 -0500
> william f. maddock <billsey at earthlink.net> dijo:
>> It's not the tilde.  ...
> I'm sorry there is a problem. I cannot e-mail attachments through the
> university servers to outside of the university. I cannot fix the
> problem until I can get to the university to find out why the file is
> not there. And I have a final Wednesday and can't afford the time right
> now. I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Wow. Given that sort of network lockdown, I wouldn't be too surprised if
the problem _is_ server side content filtering. If so, there's a very
good chance that renaming the file to something like ".txt" or ".html"
will permit others to download it (then rename it or tell their apps
it's really an RTF file). If you get a chance I'd be interested to see
if it works.

Of course, decent content filtering wouldn't be fooled by that, but
decent content filtering wouldn't send a 404 when blocking a file
instead of a 403 either.

The web host is running Apache 1.3 from OpenPKG repositories (or claims
to be) so there shouldn't be anything really weird going on. Maybe they
just use a mod-rewrite rule to rewrite "banned" file extensions to a
file that doens't exist, causing the 404.

Craig Ringer

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