[Scribus] Building debug version of Scribus

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Mar 19 02:42:26 CET 2007

ols6000 at sbcglobal.net wrote:
> I can successfully build Scribus from sources (Fedora 6), 
> but in order to debug it easily, I need to build a non-optimized 
> version, with all the symbols for Scribus itself and similarly for 
> the libraries it uses, including source line numbering.

GCC actually does a good job of debugging optimised code, and I often
use -O1 when debugging because it actually does a better job. However,
sometimes code reordering can be confusing.

The binary already has full symbols unless you strip it. What you gain
by enabling debug info is instrumentation for setting breakpoints,
examining function arguments, exploring memory in meaningful ways, etc.

Craig Ringer

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