[Scribus] How to pronounce Scribus

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sun Mar 18 00:22:18 CET 2007

Craig Bradney napisał(a):

> Franz thought of the name and says Scribe-us.
> IMO, thats *the* definitive answer, but its not like it matters. Those people 
> who wish to says it another way, feel free to do so.
> Craig

This a little too simplistic, don't you think?

--Franz thought of the name. Years ago. As a German native speaker and
the sole developer of Scribus for years to come. He only knows how the
name Scribus sounded in his mind back then, but I've personally never
heard a German native speaker pronouncing it Scribe-us.

-- Franz says Scribe-us. Now. As a member of a multinational developer
team, with English as its lingua franca. Pronouncing it in English, in a
way that pleases the ears of the anglophone team members:)


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