[Scribus] How to pronounce Scribus or freedom for phonetics

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Sat Mar 17 18:28:48 CET 2007

Plinnell napisa?(a):

> http://www.scribus.net/index.php?name=FAQ&id_cat=3#q35 
> Like  Scribe
> This is how Franz pronounces it, this is how I pronounce and it's the 
> *first* thing I mention in a talk before folks here in Europe who 
> speak English in a 2nd or 3rd language. :-)
> Latin correctness or not, hearing "Scree-bus" to my angolphone ears is 
> painful. :)

Peter, I can assure you that ['skraibus] is as much painful to my
non-anglophone ears as ['skri:bus] to yours. As painful as "Ave Ceasar"
 pronounced as [eiv 'si:zer] by marching Roman soldiers in the old
"Cleopatra" movie with Richard Burton and Elisabeth Taylor. But the
beauty of this 2 syllable word of non-English origin is that it sounds
familiar in almost every European language, and there is really no need
to define the one and only "proper" pronunciantion.

Moreover, Scribus has been used for years in many different cultures and
its pronunciation has been established by local user communities for
valid reasons. E.g. we've got in Polish this nice, dated word "skryba",
pronounced [skriba], meaning an ancient writer (just imagine a medieval
monk, leaning over his manuscript to draw a beautiful initial, and you
will get the picture), and this is what I first thought of when I read
Scribus ['skri:bus] for the very first time. I assume I'm not the only
Polish user who've established this imaginery link, since there have
been some articles in Polish referring to Scribus as "Linuksowy skryba".
Now if I said to those users: "Hey, guys you've been wrong for the last
5 years, it's ['skraibus]", I would only earn a hearty laugh and this
wonderful link to our cultural heritage would be gone. So the essence of
my message is: leave it to the local communities, they know better how
to assimilate Scribus into their languages. And whether it's ['skraibus]
or ['skri:bus] we will understand it anyway:)


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