[Scribus] Replying to the list

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Thu Mar 15 22:39:12 CET 2007

jwminer at accessvt.com wrote:
> William Maddock wrote:
>> Is it better form to quote pages and pages of stuff that you don't
>> respond to while putting your one or two lines somewhere deep in the
>> morass of fruitless quoting? I would much rather have someone top
>> post
>> than to do that.
> I HATE having to wade through lengthy quotes that repeat prior posts
> just to get to someone's reply.
> I consider it good form to quote *just enough* to make one's reply
> understandable.
> --Judy Miner
>   New England, USA
1. If you have to wade to the bottom of a long post, you can realize the 
service you can do others by cutting it down.
2. If there is some need to retain old comments, it is much easier to 
read if you're reading them top to bottom.
3. Also remember to change Subject lines when the topic changes.
Not doing these things is a form of laziness, ie saying "my time is too 
valuable to waste it helping readers out."


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