[Scribus] Re : Re: Convert a scribus-document in pdf

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Mar 15 17:35:40 CET 2007

Arnaud Talaia wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> would you be kind enough to let the rest of us know what kind
> of solution you found for your pdf problem ? it would certainly be
> useful to some of us.. ;-)
> As to try and compress a pdf file with zip or stuffit : I remember
> having read that it is actually useless. I think it has to do with the
> fact that it does not bring much to zip a file that is already
> compressed : photos in pdf files are compressed into jpeg, and the rest
> is plain text.

It's not useless, but it often doesn't gain you that much. A PDF 1.6
file that uses object streams won't shrink much at all with zip/gzip
compression, but PDF 1.3 / 1.4 documents may (depending on their structure).

PDFs may compress quite a bit with tools like 7-zip.

In any case including true subsets of fonts (rather than converting to
outlines or embedding the whole font) would save a lot of space.

Craig Ringer

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