[Scribus] Re Short Scribus video tutorials (Riku Leino)

Julian Robbins julian.robbins
Thu Mar 15 14:28:57 CET 2007

> I have created a few video tutorials about common questions which every now 
> and then pop up here or the irc channel #scribus at freenode. The videos can 
> be found at http://www.saunalahti.fi/rikle/scribus-vids/
> This has been an experiment with a really cool desktop recorder called 
> recordmydesktop and its frontend called gtk-recordmydesktop. I hope these few 
> videos will convince you to create your own Scribus videos (possibly with 
> even sound  :)  I was thinking about spreadding these using youtube or some 
> other online video service but the quality with youtube just did not make it 
> worth it.


I have just spent half an hour watching all your videos. Even tho, I 
have used Scribus sibnce version 0.5, I've left a lot.

I will try and get the guys who use it here to have a look over the 
vids, they really help demonstrate the power of Scribus; yours vids 
really show the features that sometimes get missed.

thanks again


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