[Scribus] Short Scribus video tutorials

Riku Leino tsoots
Thu Mar 15 07:22:40 CET 2007


I have created a few video tutorials about common questions which every now 
and then pop up here or the irc channel #scribus at freenode. The videos can 
be found at http://www.saunalahti.fi/rikle/scribus-vids/

This has been an experiment with a really cool desktop recorder called 
recordmydesktop and its frontend called gtk-recordmydesktop. I hope these few 
videos will convince you to create your own Scribus videos (possibly with 
even sound :) I was thinking about spreadding these using youtube or some 
other online video service but the quality with youtube just did not make it 
worth it.

Videos currently available are:

    Three ways to apply styles:
    1. Properties palette 2. Story Editor 3. Get Text... Filters

    Creating bullet lists (while waiting for the proper implementation)

    How can one have some additional space between an image frame
    and the text flowing around it.

    Creating and customizing a drop cap. Also introduces baseline
    and text frame columns.

    Creating and customizing a border for an object frame.

    Creating text frames, polygons (with a star shape) linking text from
    a text frame to polygons (converting polygons to text frames).
    Text overflow.

    Creating a three fold document using Manage Guides dialog.

    Adding page numbers to a document and customizing sections using
    Document Setup>Sections

    Converting text to outlines and then to image frames and creating a
    cool effect using content>paste absolute.

    Basic text effects using Properties palette's Text page

    Attaching text to a path and customizing the path and fine tuning 
    the text after it has been attached.

    Creating a table of content


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