[Scribus] Versions of Scribus and Ubuntu - the saga continues

Jan Claeys lists
Wed Mar 14 20:14:39 CET 2007

On wo, 2007-03-14 at 15:25 +1000, Elaine de Saxe wrote:
> > BTW: what Ubuntu version are you using?  (The repository  
> > configuration dialog has changed between versions.)
> I tried 'about Ubuntu' and got other stuff about some upgrade thingy  
> I went and installed - 6.06LTS - I believe I'm using 6.10 but I have  
> no evidence to support that.

"About Ubuntu" tells me which version I have, but I can't check this is
true for all versions now.  If you can't find it there, and you want to
be sure, you can check the version of GNOME on your computer:

GNOME 2.10 = Ubuntu 5.04
GNOME 2.12 = Ubuntu 5.10
GNOME 2.14 = Ubuntu 6.06
GNOME 2.16 = Ubuntu 6.10
GNOME 2.18 = Ubuntu 7.04

> > No, I mean the official repository (just pointing out that Elaine  
> > got this "only 1.2.x" wrong).

> You may think so. Since I used Synaptic to get Scribus for me, all it  
> could find was version '' as I read it in Synaptic  
> right now. And according to Synaptic, that is the latest version. So  
> far as I am concerned, Synaptic got it wrong, since whoever designed  
> it did not allow for adding repositories.

That sounds like you don't have the 'universe' Ubuntu repository enabled
(or "software channel" or whatever people call it).  The 'universe
repository contains the community-supported & -maintained software (as
opposed to the software supported by Canonical, which is in 'main').

Enabling this should be possible with a checkbox in the same
"repositories" dialog.

> Probably it would be a more certain outcome had I chosen to  
> understand the terminal rather than fiddling about with GUIs. I  
> originally chose Macs because of the simplicity of operation. Start  
> out young and master the terminal. Start out on computers at  
> retirement age and (speaking personally) relish the simplicity of the  
> GUI since I'm not interested in programming; I'm interested in living  
> and enjoying my remaining years. And not tearing my hair out over an  
> OS which has several design flaws and is not enjoyable to use.

This should just work using the GUI in Ubuntu, but you don't have to be
a programmer to use the terminal, it's just another way to talk to your

Jan Claeys

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