[Scribus] Versions of Scribus and Ubuntu - the saga continues

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Mar 14 15:43:52 CET 2007

* Elaine de Saxe <coolowl at hotkey.net.au> [2007-03-14 15:25:22 +1000]:

> Good morning all ...
> > The Synaptic menu option that you need should be between  
> > "Preferences" &
> > "Filters".
> That menu item is 'repositories' and as I've already said, all it  
> offers when I select it is 'software preferences' with the three tabs  
> being 'installation media' 'internet updates' and 'authentication'.


Is it possible that you are starting synaptic without administrative
privileges and that's why you don't have the option to add a repository? Since
you are running Ubuntu you should be able to start it with root privileges by
executing a "sudo synaptic" in a terminal or at the "Run Command" prompt that
you can call up by using 'Alt+F2' key combination.

Our wiki page
has screenshots of the exact operation of adding our repository to
synaptic/adept on Ubuntu. Please use that guide. It can't get any easier than
> So: is there a linux distro or distros which work particularly well  with
> Scribus and get the updates without having to be told via lines  of text in
> a terminal? I have available: Mint, Mepis, Damn Small,  Zen, Kubuntu,
> Fedora.

Debian/Ubuntu works very well with Scribus except for the known Qt3/SCIM
related issue on Ubuntu that messes up number input into spinboxes in the
properties palette as described in http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=3826
and for which there are proven workarounds.  This issue will go away for good
with qt4. Your Ubuntu installation does _not_ require you to use the terminal
to install/update Scribus.

Anyway, I do believe that you will waste a lot more of your time hopping
around the miriad of Linux distributions and learning the idiosyncrasies of
each one then by accepting the help already provided by the nice people in
this channel and learning to manage just one application i.e. synaptic in this
case, since it works the same way with many thousands of packages available
for Debian/Ubuntu. Remember that even using any non-trivial software on
Windows (TM) requires people to learn numerous kinks of installing those
applications. In short, there is no silver bullet. You can keep searching for
that ever elusive panacea or you can enjoy becoming productive by
intelligently applying the experience others have already invested time and
efforts in gaining and are willing to freely share with you.



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