[Scribus] Versions of Scribus and Ubuntu - the saga continues

jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Wed Mar 14 07:49:38 CET 2007

Elaine wrote:
> So: is there a linux distro or distros which work particularly well
> with Scribus and get the updates without having to be told via lines
> of text in a terminal? I have available: Mint, Mepis, Damn Small,
> Zen, Kubuntu, Fedora.

Sure. I use VectorLinux 5.8 Standard. Scribus has always worked fine
for me through several versions. Upgrading an installed package is
easy through the GSlapt package manager and also by a simple
upgradepkg command at a terminal command line.

VectorLinux is a small distro based on Slackware. It is solid and
not doctored up as much as the flashier distros.In our Vector
repositories, the latest version of Scribus is, but you can
install a Slackware package for from linuxpackages.net.

I don't like to wait for a new version to make it into a repository
when it comes out, so I usually just compile it myself from source.
Almost everything compiles well under VectorLinux.

Don't get scared by the notion of compiling. It's a simple process
that requires no programming knowledge. There is no good reason to
be constrained by what happens to make it into repositories for a
particular distro, which is what happens if someone refuses to learn
to compile from source. Knowledge is power!

VectorLinux is easy to use but does not conceal as much from the
user as Ubuntu (to give just one example). The advantage to the user
is immense: you actually learn to use LINUX, not some graphical
tool. VL has a very nice balance between graphical front ends for
system administration and package management and straightforward
editing of text files for some configuration. I have a beautiful,
highly customizable XFce desktop (not KDE or Gnome, both of which I
dislike somewhat).

I love Linux and love VectorLinux. What more can I say?
--Judy Miner

Registered Linux User #397786

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