[Scribus] Minimise to Titlebars

Roger hovergo
Tue Mar 13 23:27:55 CET 2007

>> that you could click in any window
to shrink that window to just the titlebar. .
>> We frequently get in this list a troll asking us why the GUI does not
>> behave exactly like another piece of software and I agree that Scribus is not
>> meant  to be like something else and habit is a lot to take into account.

Hi all
I wouldn't like to have title bars open in my work space, It's like having
sticky notes all over my desk and monitor.
I really appreciate the way Scribus  works, simply move the proiterties dialog
or story editor out of the way.
Or close and reopen as needed. There's probably a hot key for opening properties
or story editor.
  <right click>  to get the menu is fast, works for me.

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