[Scribus] Different Distros - different versions of Scribus?

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Tue Mar 13 22:07:15 CET 2007

* Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> [2007-03-13 19:54:30 +0100]:

> On di, 2007-03-13 at 11:21 -0600, Oleksandr Moskalenko wrote:
> > * Jan Claeys <lists at janc.be> [2007-03-13 14:26:59 +0100]:
> > 
> > > On ma, 2007-03-12 at 21:39 +1000, Elaine de Saxe wrote:
> > > > The first is Ubuntu and I discover to my surprise, that I can only  
> > > > get 1.2x via Synaptic.
> > > 
> > > $ apt-cache show scribus-ng | grep Version:
> > > Version:
> > > 
> > > So, by installing the 'scribus-ng' package, you get version (on
> > > Feisty, which is about to be released around April 19th).
> > It should be Are you using our edgy repository?
> No, I mean the official repository (just pointing out that Elaine got
> this "only 1.2.x" wrong).
> (Actually, this "dfsg" in the version string means that this is a
> recompiled Debian package that has something from upstream excluded--is
> there anything non-free in the Scribus source tarball?)

Documentation is non-free. That's why I have a package called 'scribus-ng-doc'
and all users of our repositories should use "non-free" (Debian) or
"restricted" (Ubuntu) in the source lines for our repositories i.e.

deb http://debian.tagancha.org/debian/ unstable main non-free contrib
deb http://debian.tagancha.org/debian/ edgy main restricted

> > If the scribus-ng from edgy doesn't work on feisty please tell me and
> > I'll build a package and start another branch in our repos. 
> Why don't you create official packages & backports for Ubuntu
> instead?  ;-)
> That would make things easier for most Ubuntu users...

It is my understanding that the official Ubuntu package of Scribus is a
rebuild of the package that I as a Debian Developer uploaded into Debian
before Ubuntu pulled their Debian/sid snapshot as a base for their new
release. Since I already make Ubuntu packages & backports for the latest 2-3
releases and provide them from our upstream repositories I know that those
Ubuntu users who spent a minute of their time on adding our repository and
archive key to their package manager would have the latest Scribus release
when I package it. It seems to me that with the current Ubuntu mode of
operations achieving the goal of having the latest Scribus package in 2-3
recent releases would be extremely difficult and is just not worth the

Of course I could be wrong, so I'd be happy to learn from you how the Ubuntu
mode of operation (branch a snapshot of Debian sid, add/change Ubuntu-only
stuff, release) and release schedule can be reconciled with the Scribus
Development Team's release schedule and what I can do to make sure Ubuntu has
the latest Scribus package.



> BTW: I think that at least some of the bugs that caused problems for
> Scribus in Ubuntu are fixed in Feisty (but I'm not 100% sure as I have
> no "virgin install" to test on right now).  Feisty also includes the
> 'Polymer' Qt skin, so now Scribus doesn't have to look like a Win95
> application (or worse).

That's good to hear. I'd like to repeat that implore the users of my packages
to tell me when the Edgy package stops working for Feisty.

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