[Scribus] Different Distros - update

Elaine de Saxe coolowl
Tue Mar 13 13:30:28 CET 2007

> You can get the latest scribus release for Ubuntu Dapper and Edgy  
> (should work
> on Feisty, too).
Thank you Alex and other listas who have offered advice :-)

> Please go to http://debian.scribus.net
This gets a page which automatically redirects to the instruction page.

> If the instructions are not clear please tell me
The instructions are crystal clear - snag is that the package manager  
I have got didn't read them. There is no ability to ad a new  
repository to my version of Synaptic. When I select 'repository' I'm  
faced with a preference window. There is only one window which has a  
'new' button and that is 'filter' and it doesn't seem to be relevant  
to what I'm trying to do. Nor is there a 'new' anything in any of the  
menus. Even the installed Help mentions adding repositories but the  
Help is not read by my copy of Synaptic, either.

At the moment I'm contemplating trashing the Ubuntu instal and trying  
something else a bit frendlier to Scribus than Ubuntu but before I do  
that I need to do a clone and burn a disk so all those hours and  
megabytes of downloaded updates are not wasted should I go back to  

Best regards


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