[Scribus] Different Distros - different versions of Scribus?

Elaine de Saxe coolowl
Mon Mar 12 12:39:02 CET 2007

Good morning ... I'm playing about with Linux distros trying to  
decide which one/s will do what I need ...

Out of the myriad of distros, I chose seven to trial.

The first is Ubuntu and I discover to my surprise, that I can only  
get 1.2x via Synaptic. I read Aleksandr's comment about the Ubuntu  
developers and since I'm more interested in Scribus than Ubuntu, I'm  
happy to go on to another distro.

These are the ones I have available right now:

btw using an ex-PC laptop with a P3 800mHz and 300+ RAM - if that's  
at all useful information.

Simply Mepis 6
Zen 4.2 - have only the live CD - how do I run Scribus this way? I  
can always buy the Instal disk!
Kubuntu 6.10 - same issue I suppose.
Damn Small Linux 3.2
Linux Mint 2.2
somewhere around there's a Fedora Core 5 (I think).

Which one/s if any, will run the latest Scribus?

Thanks for a great list - always something of interest on it :-)

Elaine in Brisbane, Australia

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