[Scribus] Minimising windows

Thomas Zastrow listen
Sun Mar 11 15:21:47 CET 2007

Elaine de Saxe schrieb:

<snip />
> Cedric, do you mean a kind of roll-up the window just leaving the  
> title bar? Like a blind ... I've found one of my favourite features  
> on Ubuntu - as a Mac user I loved the "window shade" feature in  
> earlier OSes and even bought a third-party app to do that in the  
> current OS (Mac OS X). I was doubly pleased to see that option in  
> Ubuntu 6.10, even if I had to dig for it.
> So, if that feature (window-shading) is what you mean, then it might  
> be possible to do that with Scribus at least if you run Ubuntu, if it  
> hasn't filtered through to other distros.
This isn't Ubuntu-specific: It also works on every KDE-Desktop (don't 
know about Gnome in general). Just right-click with the mouse in the 
title-bar of any window, there you can find a point like "Actions". Here 
you can configure the actions which are done when double-clicking a 

I use this feature very often, also during the work in Scribus it is a 
pleasure and I wouldn't want to miss it.



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