[Scribus] GUI thoughts - no newbie, no copy

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Sun Mar 11 11:51:48 CET 2007


We frequently get in this list a troll asking us why the GUI does not behave 
exactly like another piece of software and I agree that Scribus is not meant 
to be like something else and habit is a lot to take into account.

Adobe has implemented in their product range minimizing of windows along 
tabs, and minimizing the tools as window titles.
I have to admit that it was a smart design choice, and both Scribus and 
Adobe InDesign are meant for professional users, not hobbyists (I have to 
use both professionally but promote Scribus to my company as Adobe licences 
are a ripoff). This feature saves time, helps focusing on the work to do, 
not the use of the software. I believe it would improve the GUI. Not to 
imitate for the sake of it. Imitate for the sake of the users.

Therefore I would like to know if the possibility to minimize properties / 
align / shape edit windows is considered in future versions and what the 
opinion of fellow users is.


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