[Scribus] bugs, EPS & PS import (Plinnell)

John Beale beale
Fri Mar 9 22:24:17 CET 2007

 >I am curious why you are using distiller instead of directly exporting ?

I had just been used to generating PDFs that way with other Windows 
applications. I have since found out how to export the PDF directly from 
Scribus, and that works as expected (except when I forget to change the 
orientation from portrait mode to landscape, and get a sideways cropped image).

 >> Bug report: http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=4824
 >I can confirm the bug, but have not seen that before.

Thank you for checking out my PS/EPS import bug. The PS file was generated 
from MS Publisher 2000 SP3.  If no one else has seen this, I assume 
Publisher does something nonstandard in the PS file (?)  Something that 
generates a mirror reflection about one edge sounds like a coordinate sign 
error. Could the PS file enumerate bitmap corner coordinates in the wrong 
order? I know nothing about PS programming so apologies if that doesn't 
even make sense.

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