[Scribus] bugs, EPS & PS import

John Beale beale
Thu Mar 8 20:14:45 CET 2007

I'm using Scribus on WinXP SP2. It is very functional and I really 
appreciate this software being available.  I've noticed a few things as 
listed below. I'm not sure if some are bugs or intended behavior.

1) If I have just one item selected on the page in the Scribus editor and 
then print to PDF (Print -> Adobe PDF device, using Acrobat Pro 7.0), only 
that single item appears and the rest of the page is blank. If no object is 
selected, then everything on the page appears as expected.

2) Printing to PDF as above, image colors become quite washed out in the 
PDF viewer compared to what appears inside Scribus. This does not happen 
with any other application printing to PDF that I've tried. Is Scribus 
applying some dot-gain compensation, gamma or other profile? (I haven't 
intentionally set any such control, that I know about.)

3) When trying to import EPS or PS files into Scribus, I see my bitmaps get 
offset and mirrored.  I filed a bug against on this with examples
The problem still happens with Does anyone know of a workaround?

Thanks for any tips!

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