[Scribus] Useability issues

Jim Killock jim.killock
Thu Mar 8 14:49:26 CET 2007

Hi there

thought you might like to know I've just published a 55k print run  
8pp tabloid newspaper for Brighton Green Party (you can take a look  
at it at


I had some issues with it, including, for the printer, a series of  
bugs relating to the pdfs and postscript, which I could replicate and  
submit. I also had a bug with template page objects not appearing on  
the pdfs after I changed the page dimensions. It's also a little slow  
on Mac / Qt, I guess because of the nature of using a library like  
Qt, so newer, better spec Macs are much easier than older ones..

Other than that, the main thing that was problematic for me was the  
behaviour of text / graphic frame selection. When you select a frame,  
hover to be able to use resize handles, and then try to resize it, if  
another object touches or overlies it, it selects this second object.  
That's quite frustrating - and I wondered if there is either a way of  
changing this within preferences, or to change this behaviour in  
future releases?



Green Party External Communications
1a Waterlow Road
London N19 5NJ

Phone +44 (0)207 561 8785
Mobile +44 (0)7786 905056

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