[Scribus] How do I do color correction

Hal V. Engel hvengel
Wed Mar 7 22:46:35 CET 2007

On Tuesday 06 March 2007 18:33, Dwain Alford wrote:
> first, there is no printer profile except the one issued with the driver
> update. ?second, yellows and especially blues have always been a killer for
> commercial printers. ?even though there are 5-6 colors of color ink in a
> printer they usually print in the rgb gamut; however, because of the
> yellows, cyans and magentas these printers, including mine can print in
> cmyk, but i doubt the exactness of what a commercial printer can produce.

Here is the link for the Epson extra ICC profiles for the R2400:


I have used these on Windows and they work very nicely.  I wish that they also 
supplied these for guten-print users but they don't.  The PDF manual on that 
same page has a section about how to use these correctly.

The Epson 1200 may not have the same level of support from Epson.  I used to 
have a 1280 and these same basic profiles were available for it from Epson.  

Ilford has profiles for the Epson 1280/1290, 2000P, 2100/2200, 950/960, 2400 
and other wide format printers.  If you use Ilford paper have a look here for 


I know that some paper vendors will work with users of their papers and inks 
to create profiles if they don't already have this available on their web 
site.  For example MediaStreet will send you a "profiling kit" if your 
paper/ink/printer combo is not available on their web site.  So if you are 
using their inks or papers and they don't have a profile available you will 
in affect end up with a custom profile for free.

A year ago none of these vendors (other than Epson) had this service 
available.  But it is starting to become common.  The paper and ink vendors 
are now realizing that color savvy users need to have these in order to 
seriously consider using their papers and inks. 


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