[Scribus] Q: Adding image with transparency

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Wed Mar 7 02:42:55 CET 2007

Greg Hill said the following at 03/05/2007 06:19 PM :
> This is an area where I have a little expertise, so I'll make a
> suggestion. Before you save your image as a .png file in GIMP, use the
> "select by color" tool with about a 20-25% threshold,select the white
> area of your photo, invert the selection, then cut to the clipboard.
> Next, select "edit > paste as new" and save the resulting image as
> a .png (to preserve the transparency). You should then be able to import
> directly into Scribus, using the image frame and "get image".The key is
> to remove the white from your photo before saving it as a png.
> The 20-25% tolerance I suggest above is only a guideline. You may have
> to use more or less, depending on the photo.I don't normally "create" a
> layer in Scribus to place the photo. It just sort of happens
> automatically. 

The problem with this seems to be (if I followed your directions correctly,
which I think I did) that the coloured material in the image seems to be
100% opaque, instead of being washed out to 15% opacity.

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