[Scribus] Q: Adding image with transparency

D. R. Evans doc.evans
Wed Mar 7 02:32:17 CET 2007

Craig Ringer said the following at 03/05/2007 08:24 PM :
> Image frames have their own background colour, which in older versions 
> defaults to opaque white. If it's white, set the image background to 
> "None" to allow transparency to show.

OK, mine seems to be opaque white (at least, if I untick "Image Visible",
the frame turns opaque white) but where do I set the image background to
"None" instead of white?

> A quick test here allowed me to create one layer with a large flat 
> colour frame, then place a transparent PNG created in the GIMP above it 
> in a separate layer. It worked exactly as expected. I'm using on 
> WinXP.

That sounds exactly like I'm trying to do.

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