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Owen rcook
Tue Mar 6 12:21:42 CET 2007

At Tuesday, 6 March 2007, you wrote:

>I can create a 13 digits ISBN barcode, but the last number on the top 
>is different from the last number down.
>Looking a new italian book, I have seen the 2 ISBN are the same. So, I 
>can't create the same 13 digits ISBN code for both position...

Yes, that last digit is a check digit


Today, when a barcode is applied to a book, the 10-digit ISBN has 
to become compatible with the 13-digit EAN international product 
numbering system. This is done by encoding the ISBN into the ?Bookland 
EAN? number. The EAN number is the 13 digit, unhyphenated number 
found on the bar code text block in addition to the ISBN. The bars 
actually refer to the EAN number. The check digit of the ISBN-10 
is dropped (the last digit), the remaining 9 digits are prefixed 
with '978', and a new check digit is calculated. This becomes the 
EAN number.



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>> >From 1 Jan 2007, you should only use 13-digit ISBNs. Select ISBN
>> in the barcode generator then type in the ISBN-13 (with dashes).
>> This will generate a barcode with "ISBN xxx-xx..." printed on top
>> of the barcode. I believe the new ISBN-13 is the same format as EAN-
>> so choosing EAN-13 will generate the same barcode but the ISBN
>> won't be printed on top.
>12 or 13 digits with dashes. The legacy ISBN-10 format accepts 9 or 10
>digits with dashes, but this standard was depreciated for public use 
>1st January 2007. (Note: To convert an old ISBN-10 to a new ISBN-13, 
>978- to the first 9 digits, e.g. 1-56592-479-7 -> 978-1-56592-479. The 
>check-digit will be calculated automatically.)
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