[Scribus] hypertext links in PDf files

Craig Ringer craig
Mon Mar 5 17:04:04 CET 2007

Antoine M wrote:
>   Hello everyone,
> I'm a new user of Scribus, after a few searches on Internet, I'm still 
> not able to create hypertext links in sla files and of course in the PDF 
> generated.

Scribus follows the low-level implementation of links in PDF rather 
directly. This can be unintuitive if you're not familiar with how PDF works.

[Note: I've been largely inactive with Scribus lately, so this could be 
outdated in that a better way might now be supported. I don't think so, 

To create a PDF link in Scribus, you must create a frame around the 
region you wish to become active, then use the context menu to make that 
into a PDF annotation (PDF options -> is pdf annotation). Now use PDF 
Options -> annotation properties to set the link target.

Note that if a frame is made into an annotation, the content of the 
frame is suppressed in PDF export. This will not be graphically 
indicated by Scribus - you'll see the "right" thing on screen, and a 
blank space in the resulting PDF. To get the expected result, use blank 
frames on top of the real content. Personally I think this is a pretty 
serious UI issue, but I'm not volunteering to fix it ;-)

Support for in-text PDF links that follow content (akin to char styles) 
has been a wish-list item for a while. Hopefully it'll be able to 
piggy-back on Andreas and Riku's work on styles in 1.3.x - but for now 
AFAIK your best option is placing links with overlaid annotation frames.

Craig Ringer

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