[Scribus] tif from Gimp half-broken in Scribus

Charles Bueche charles
Sun Mar 4 20:44:40 CET 2007


Platform OS X / x86, Scribus compiled from sources, version,  
Gimp v 1.2.5.

When I scan an image to tiff using scanimage (720 dpi) on my Linux  
box, then edit it with gimp on OS X, it loads OK and looks OK in  
Scribus image frame.

If I export to PDF, then print, I see the image.
If I "print", the printer doesn't print the image.

What's wrong with my setup ?

I have tried pack "no" or "LZW" in gimp's save tiff dialog, same issue.

Charles Bueche <charles at bueche.ch>
sand, snow, wave, wind and net -surfer
A-Cat SUI 192

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