[Scribus] problem with check boxes

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sat Mar 3 00:51:25 CET 2007

On Fri, 02 Mar 2007 15:43:08 -0500
dazzle001 at sbcglobal.net dijo:

> You forgot Wordperfect and Pagesteam

A slight correction: I did not forget them. They were not included
because I had never heard of Pagestream, and I thought that Corel
WordPerfect X3 could create only regular PDFs, not editable PDFs. If
you say they can, I stand corrected.

Unfortunately, Pagestream will not run on Linux amd64 unless you create
a 32-but chroot for it (a pain). And, if you have Crossover Office,
Corel WordPerfect X3 sort of runs, but not well. 

Re Cabaret: It is not a tool for creating editable PDFs, although it
might be useful for someone who must edit the PDFs. Unfortunately,
Cabaret also will not run on Linux amd64 without a 32-bit chroot (or so
Google tells me).

So I am sticking with Scribus and OpenOffice.org. Cheaper, too. :)

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