[Scribus] Transparent tif bug and related thoughts

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Thu Mar 1 15:43:44 CET 2007

avox schrieb:
>>So, there's something I don't understand. I'm supposed to do almost the
>>same thing here, but with two different ways. I'm supposed, finally, to
>>get an image sizing 84x59.4cm? @ 300 dpi.
>>How can the two files be so different (weight), and why does Gimp takes
>>so much time to do what scribus do in a few seconds ?
> Given the different filesizes it's no surprise that the times also differ.
> Pure binary data is (84 * 300 / 2.54) * (59.4 * 300 / 2.54) * 4 = 278383260
> B,
> so it looks as if Gimp is correct here. 
> My guess is that Scribus refuses to upsample your data and leaves that to
> the
> PDF renderer, which is probably a good choice (it just takes storage without
> providing any more information; and if the PDF renderer chooses to resample
> the data again for some reason, the result will be worse)
Andreas is right, the PDF exporter does only downsample the images if needed,
there is no upsampling at all. Upsampling is useless in my opinion, it does
only increase file size without any benefits.

Franz Schmid

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