[Scribus] Transparent tif bug and related thoughts

avox avox
Thu Mar 1 13:29:22 CET 2007

aurelien-7 wrote:
> Hi !
> My Machine is an AMD64 3700+ with 2Gb DDR, X800 GTO 16 graphic card,
> under Debian AMD64 SID with scribus-ng

nice! :-)

> I use no compression at all and the highest quality both in scribus and
> Gimp.
> Firstly I've tried to use a version of the background @ 150 dpi.
> So in the pdf export option, I've set resample image to 300 dpi.
> This export took a few seconds (10 max), and gave a 72Mb file.
> Then, I've tried resampling this image from 150 to 300 dpi with the
> Gimp. It took me 29 minutes to resample and save this image in tif
> format. The tif generated weights 272Mb.
> I put this image in my scribus project, I've unset the resample option,
> and I've exported it. It took something like 30-40 seconds, and
> generated a 275Mb file.
> So, there's something I don't understand. I'm supposed to do almost the
> same thing here, but with two different ways. I'm supposed, finally, to
> get an image sizing 84x59.4cm? @ 300 dpi.
> How can the two files be so different (weight), and why does Gimp takes
> so much time to do what scribus do in a few seconds ?

Given the different filesizes it's no surprise that the times also differ.
Pure binary data is (84 * 300 / 2.54) * (59.4 * 300 / 2.54) * 4 = 278383260
so it looks as if Gimp is correct here. 
My guess is that Scribus refuses to upsample your data and leaves that to
PDF renderer, which is probably a good choice (it just takes storage without
providing any more information; and if the PDF renderer chooses to resample
the data again for some reason, the result will be worse)

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