[Scribus] (Bump) PDF Form calculations

Thomas Worthington tscribus
Thu Mar 1 11:57:51 CET 2007

Sorry to post this again, but if I can't get it to work by Monday am I'll  
have to get someone with Acrobat to do it for me (and pay them).

    Very simple request: I need a PDF for which takes a price entered in one
field, multiplies by 3, checks a button to see if VAT is to be added at
17.5% and if so adds it to the total, then sets a second read-only field
to the result.

I've tried all sorts of things in the custom calculation but I can only
get the AFSIMPLE_CALCULATION function to work and that's not adequate.

This is so trivial compared to some PDFs I've seen and used that it must
be doable, but how? Where does the code, in particular the "IF button
pressed" part, go?


Thomas Worthington

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