[Scribus] Wordprocessor -> Scribus - but somewhat difficult

Brett Shand brett
Sun Jun 24 10:57:44 CEST 2007

> On 6/24/07, Brett Shand wrote:
>> You can do it. In OpenOffice it is
>> and if you select "proportional" from the drop down box and enter it as a
>> % it works well.
>> As is usual that is a proportion (%) of the font size. If you want different
>> paragraphs to be at different line spacing you will need to high the 
>> paragraph first, of course.
> Ah, yes - you are right :)

Actually on reading Michael Engel's post a little more closely I think you were 
right and I was wrong :)

I see that he said that he wanted different line spacings within the *same* 
paragraph. Now that I don't think you can do, and like you, I am unsure why 
anyone would want to :) 

As a work around you could hit a hard return to create a new paragraph, do the 
different line spacing and then alter the spacing between the paragraphs to fake 
it to look like the same paragraph.


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