[Scribus] Imposition of PDF

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sat Jun 23 01:10:53 CEST 2007

In the past I would do this with an InDesign script on Windows. I could
still do so, but I'm trying to learn how to do things without Microsoft
or Adobe.

I am about to receive a 200-page PDF file (a book)  from a customer.
The output will be to laser. The format will be half-letter, that is,
5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. The PDF file will be in this
format. Since it will be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper landscape, I need to
place each page of the PDF twice on each side. That is, the first sheet
will have page 1 twice on one side and page 2 twice on the back. The
second sheet will have page 3 twice on one side and page 4 twice on the
back -- and so on. The books will be printed collated so each copy
coming out of the laser is really two copies of the book. Before
binding the stacks are cut in two with the guillotine.

I have Scribus on Ubuntu Feisty amd64. It runs just fine, but I
don't think it can place PDF files one page at a time. Others have
mentioned to me ps2pdf, but it's command line and the syntax to do an
imposition is impossible to figure out. Is there anything else I can
use to do this imposition? Or can it be done in Scribus now? 

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